Jesse Chew House
The house, built of Jersey sandstone in 1772, is still in remarkable condition. Hand-hewn rafters, the corner fireplace, iron door hinges and the finger latches are original.

Jesse Chew was a Methodist preacher and his home was spared from the raids of the British. In 1771 Bishop Asbury makes mention of preaching at Jesse Chew's, in his diary. Jesse was regarded like many Methodists in those days as a Tory. 

When the British marched up from Hancocks Bridge after that depredation, they came thru Barnsboro. Hearing of the British coming, the family took up the hearth stones in front of the huge fireplace and buried the family silver. When the troops arrived they served them food and drink and they marched on. Jesse Chew was born in 1738 and died in 1812, age 74.