County Administrator

Chad M. Bruner, County AdministratorChad M. Bruner
2 South Broad Street, Woodbury, NJ 08096
P.O. Box 337
(856)251-6794 (Fax)

The County Administrator is a statutory position for a term  authorized by N.J.S.A. 40A: 9-42. The County Administrator shall report directly to the Board of Chosen Freeholders on policy matters (i.e. all matters affecting the citizens of Gloucester County), and act as the chief operating/executive officer of the County.

The Office of Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day operations of both the executive and legislative components of county government.

The County Administrator directs a staff of management, professional, and administrative personnel; and manages all aspects of county operations. Besides implementing the decisions and policies of the Freeholder Board, strategic planning and policy oversight is a significant element of the administrator's role. In addition, the County Administrator oversees the preparation of the county's annual operating and capital budgets and may perform other executive and administrative duties as are necessary to ensure the effective functioning of county operations and the efficient use of county resources.

The County Administrator also serves as the Department Head to the divisions of Human Resources and Clerk of the Board.


• Chad M. Bruner, County Administrator,
• Tamarisk L. Jones, Deputy County Administrator,
• Michele F. Gangloff, Executive Assistant,
• Dawn Lippincott, Administrative Clerk,
• Shannon O'Brien, Public Information Officer,

Division of Clerk of the Board

• Laurie J. Burns, Clerk of the Board,
• Kim Agren, Principal Account Clerk Typist,

Division of Human Resources

• Joann Schneider, Chief Clerk,
• Une' Bland, Principal Clerk Typist,
• Gina Spiritoso, Senior Clerk Typist,

County Counsel

• Eric M. Campo, County Counsel,
• Emmett E. Primas, Assistant County Counsel,
• Lynn McClintock, Assistant County Counsel,
• Scott D. Burns, Assistant County Counsel,
• Christopher Fay, Assistant County Counsel,
• Christopher Goodwin, Assistant County Counsel,
• Maria Manganaro, Assistant County Counsel,
Safety and Risk Management

• Tim Sheehan, Risk Manager,
• Leigh VanOyen, Coordinator of Safety Programs, 

• Tracey N. Giordano, Treasurer/CFO,
• Michael Burke, Budget Officer,
• Diane Hogan, Principal Accountant,
• George Hayes, Fiscal Officer,
• Amanda Liberto, Fiscal Officer,
• Maria Lentini, Fiscal Officer,
• Maria L. Rios, Principal Payroll Clerk,
• Stacey Quinn, Payroll Supervisor,
• Kimberly Larter, Qualified Purchasing Agent,
• Andrea Lombardi, Contract Information,
• Tracey Parker, State Contracts/Quotations,
• David Stever, Accounts Payable Information,
• Linda Weller, Secretarial Assistant,

Freeholder Director/Liaison - Robert M. Damminger