Common Misconceptions

We Do Not File or Have on Record

Birth, Death, & Marriage Certificates

All vital records are kept on the town or municipal level.  Each town has a registrar of vital statistics charged with filing the aforementioned documents.  All vital records are kept on file in the town where the birth, death, or marriage occurred.  Furthermore, all states have maintained birth records since 1919.  Historical vital records prior to 1919 can usually be found at your local historical society.  For further information on obtaining vital records, please call the appropriate municipality.

Aerial Shots


Land Surveys of property are not recorded within the County Clerk's Office.  For the most part, licensed surveyors keep copies of surveys they performed in their offices.  If you do not know who your surveyor was, then you will most likely need to have a new survey done.

Tax Maps, Tax Assessments

Tax maps and assessments are located in each municipality as well as the County Tax Board and County Office of Assessment.

Court Records

The State of New Jersey governs the court system.  Therefore, you must contact the specific division within the courts to obtain the desired record. 

Here is an abbreviated directory for the courts:

Family Court (Chancery - Divorce)  
(856) 686-7400

Superior Court (Law Division) 
(856) 853-3392 

Superior Court (Criminal Division) 
(856) 686-7500

Small Claims Court        
(856) 853-3392