Employer Insurance

If you open a business and hire at lease one (1) employee, you must register with the Division of Employer Accounts, NJ Department of Labor. 

For the appropriate forms and information, write to the Division which is located at:

Division of Employer Accounts
PO Box 913
Trenton, NJ 08625-0913

You may obtain information regarding workers’ compensation by contacting:

Division of Worker’s Compensation
NJ Dept. of Labor
PO Box 381
Trenton, NJ 08625-0381

Locally, there are a variety of licenses, permits, and fees required. Please refer to the addendum, listing most of these.

  • You must open a business bank account. 
  • You should go to the bank armed with your employer I.D. Number or your social security number, whichever is applicable. 
  • You will also need your fictitious name certificate. 

If you anticipate having employees, you should:

  • Contact your insurance agents to obtain workmen’s compensation.
  • Contact New Jersey Division of Wage and Hour at (609) 292-2337 prior to any employee beginning work.