Recreational Bathing

Lakes, pools and spas are inspected annually to ensure compliance with state recreational bathing regulations.  Health and safety issues are the focus for the inspections.  The recreational bathing code was recently revised.  The revisions were effective October of 2000.  Most of the impact of the revisions were safety related to prevent people from being caught by suction in a pool or spa.  Facilities are required to sample their bathing water on a weekly basis while operating.  Our office reviews the results.  Failure to meet standards in 2 consecutive sampling periods result in closure of the facility.  The facility remains closed until they have a good sample.  Copies of the recreational bathing code are available for download: Recreational Bathing Code

Applications for new pools and spas are required to be reviewed by our Department.  There is a $150.00 permit fee required for each new facility.  The application is an available download.