Support Functions


  • Personnel management.
  • Maintain standards / guidelines / processes / procedures.
  • Work management including performance monitoring & reporting.
  • Project management.
  • Manage customer and management expectations.
  • Individual and staff career development and training.
  • User technical training.
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer consultation.
  • Documentation.
  • Research & development (as appropriate)

Application Development

  • Manage Programming and Quality Assurance
  • Manage all aspects of Application Development Life Cycle, 

    • Project Initiation
    • Requirements Definition
    • Evaluation of Alternatives (including "Make versus Buy" Analysis)
    • External Specifications / Environment
    • Internal Specifications / Environment
    • Database Design & Administration
    • Detailed Programming & Systems Design
    • Coding / Programming
    • Unit & Systems Testing
    • Data Conversion
    • User Training
    • User Acceptance Testing
    • Turnover & Implementation
    • Post Implementation Follow-up
  • "Make Good" Analysis
  • Application enhancements and ongoing support
  • Help Desk 2 nd level applications trouble shooting
  • Quality Assurance (change management control, user acceptance testing coordination)

Monitoring, Analysis, and Performance Tuning

  • Spooled output and out queues
  • Job queues (compiles, queries, batch, interactive jobs, Domino/Notes)
  • Operating system (PTF level, version, release)
  • Query management process
  • Capacity Planning (DASD, CPU processing, memory, speed, throughput)
  • System configuration (terminals, printers, communications, multiple systems)
  • Security administration
  • General housekeeping (files, scripts, queues, reports, etc.)
  • Maintain printing supply inventories (toner, developer, paper stock, forms, etc.)
  • Unplanned outage reporting

Computer Security

  • Administration (adds, changes, deletes) of passwords, right, privileges for individuals/groups/hardware/software
  • Virus protection.
  • Auditing and compliance follow-up.

Hardware / Software Inventory

  • Maintain PC and PC peripheral surplus and spare parts inventory.
  • Clean up (data, reconfiguration, etc.) returned equipment.
  • Manage equipment redistribution.
  • Equipment tracking.
  • Related trouble shooting and problem resolution.
  • Track software licenses and ensure compliance.

Help Desk

  • First level internal technical phone support (hardware and software)
  • First level remote connectivity technical phone support (hardware and software)
  • "How to" Questions
  • Call routing, tracking, escalation, reporting, trending

Mail Room

  • Receive mail
  • Sort and distribute internal mail
  • Affix postage
  • Send mail
  • Emergency shipments
  • Work tracking and reporting

Network ( PC / LAN / WAN )

  • 2 nd level support (Help Desk, Applications Development, business application, and remote sites).
  • Routine maintenance, performance monitoring and tuning, upgrades, & support
  • PC (printers, modems, NIC Cards, login scripts, software installs, etc.).
  • Server (backups / restores / configurations / upgrades / software distribution, operating systems - Windows 95/98/XP, NT).
  • Cable infrastructure and internal / external connectivity from POD (routers, hubs, switches, other components)
  • Corporate Applications Support (MS-Office, Internet, e-mail, remote dial-in communications, Laserfiche, GIS, etc.)
  • Preventive maintenance initiatives
  • MAC (Moves, Adds, Changes for voice & data)
  • Internal site inspections.
  • Configurations, install, upgrade, and/or move personal computers and peripherals.
  • Migrating data from one PC to another when appropriate.
  • Process equipment tracking information for inventory and Help Desk purposes.
  • Related trouble shooting and problem resolution.
  • Special projects (Physical inventories, large scale moves - expansion area, etc.)
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Research & Development (latest technology tools & trends)

Technical Procurement

  • Negotiate prices and order hardware/software (PC, Network, Telecom).
  • Receive equipment/materials.
  • Handle all related vendor, shipper, and A/P problems and interfaces.
  • Contract administration.
  • Coordinate vendor activity and manage vendor performance.


  • 2 nd level support (Help Desk, Applications Development, business application, and remote sites).
  • Routine maintenance and support:
  • Multi-button telephone
  • Controllers
  • PDN / VPN.
  • Cable infrastructure maintenance and support.
  • Lucent & Avaya ACD, switches, ..
  • LAN monitoring, analysis, and performance tuning.
  • Preventive maintenance initiatives
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • R & D
  • Special projects (Re: Project Lists).
  • Telephony maintenance, invoice processing, usage monitoring, and expense tracking: (Call detail charge backs, Cellular phones, Pagers, Calling cards, telephones).