Gloucester County Agriculture Development Board

The Gloucester County Agriculture Development Board (GCADB) has regulatory oversight for the County Farmland Preservation Program and also hears County Right-to-Farm cases. Members, who represent both the agricultural and public community, are appointed by the Gloucester County Board of Chosen Freeholders for a four-year term.

Meetings are conducted the third Thursday of each month at the Gloucester County Building of Government Services, 1200 North Delsea Drive, Clayton, NJ, 08312. The meetings are held at 6:30pm  (meetings may be rescheduled or cancelled).

Over the years the GCADB has heard more than 30 specific Right-to-Farm cases and Site-Specific Agricultural Management Practice requests.

The current GCADB members are:

  • West Jay Kandle III , Chairman
  • Russell Marino, Vice-Chairman
  • Robert Curtis
  • George Dean 
  • Wally Eachus 
  • Charles Romick 
  • Mike Visalli
  • Michelle Infante-Casella (non-voting member/Rutgers Cooperative Extension)
  • John Furfari (non-voting member/Gloucester County Soil Conservation District)
  • Robert McErlane (non-voting member/Gloucester County Planning Board)  
  • Eric M. Campo, GCADB Solicitor

For more information on the Gloucester County Agriculture Development Board, please contact the Gloucester County Office of Land Preservation, at (856) 307-6451.