How do I reserve a pavilion?

Reservations for picnic pavilion may be made by calling the Gloucester County Parks & Recreational Office at Parks (856)251-6710, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm. Reservations can be made from the first working day starting January 2 of the same year. Shelters may be reserved for the same year only - not for the next year. All payments must be made by check or cash to guarantee reservation and is taken on a “first come, first serve” basis.

Do you allow weddings or receptions in the parks?

Parks are public facilities and can not be closed for private events. Throughout the year there are various activities, programs and special events that take place each day. However, residents in the past have had wedding ceremonies, keeping in mind that no area of the park can be closed to the public.

How do I reserve a ball field?

All field reservations are made by written request to Liz Gibbs at egibbs@co.gloucester.nj.us

How can I get on your County VIP and/or Parks & Recreation email list?

Contact our administrative office at (856)251-6710.

I have lost something in the park. Do you have a lost and found?

All lost items are returned to the Park Ranger Office at each of the respective Parks. Scotland Run (856)881-9336; James G. Atkinson Park (856)430-5853; Red Bank Battlefield (856)853-0344; Greenwich Lake Park (856)251-6710. You may also email the Supervising Park Ranger at alugo@co.gloucester.nj.us

What Parks allow fishing and are there rules for fishing in the park?

There are two County owned parks that allow fishing, which are Scotland Run Park and Greenwich Lake Park. You must have a valid fishing license to fish at any of the County Parks. Children age 15 or under do not require a fishing license.

Where is the Parks & Recreation Administrative Office located?

We are located at the Shady Lane Complex, 254 County House Road, Clarksboro, NJ 08022.

Do you take care of injured wildlife?

We are not qualified to rehabilitate injured wildlife. Please call the Gloucester County Animal Shelter at (856)881-2828.

Can I release any wildlife into the park?

Anything you find in nature let it be, however if the wildlife poses a danger please contact the Gloucester County Animal Shelter at (856)881-2828.

Can I bring my dog to the park?

For the safety of all visitors and the cleanliness of our parks, we do not allow dogs in any of the county parks.