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FREE NATURE LESSONS - You can come to us
Join Gloucester County Park Naturalist Dr. Daniel Duran for a nature lesson. Dr. Dan has decades of experience exploring the natural world. His lessons are as entertaining as they are educational. The Nature Lesson Program at Scotland Run Park provides an outdoor experience that can’t be duplicated in the classroom. By exploring their natural world, students get a better understanding and appreciation of our environment that fosters care and concern in their daily lives.

1) SCAVENGER HUNT: This activity helps focus the student’s attention on how to observe nature. It is a good introductory experience for children. Adults are encouraged to participate.

2) GENERAL NATURE WALK: This walk offers a general overview of the Scotland Run Park nature trails. It is open ended and the subject matter is whatever is encountered on the trails. It can be conducted any time of the year and is a great opportunity for students to ask questions and explore a variety of topics.

3) LAKE STUDY: Students will catch small animals living in Wilson Lake using dip nets. Animals will be studied and identified, then returned to the lake.

4) DISCOVERING INSECTS: Students will learn about a variety of insects by catching, studying, and identifying them. All insects will be released at the end of the lesson.

FREE OUTREACH PROGRAMS - We will come to you

Dr. Daniel Duran will come to your classroom for a lesson! Our outreach programs are designed for classroom size groups (approx. 25). The programs last about 1 hour. The subject matter is geared toward elementary age groups, but can be enjoyed by everyone.

1) WHAT DO INSECTS DO: In this lesson we explore the countless ways that insects contribute to our everyday lives. We couldn’t live without them.

2) AMAZING SNAKES: This lesson focuses on snakes native to New Jersey.

3) WHY NATIVE PLANTS MATTER: Students will learn of the incredible benefits of using native plants in our environment. 

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