Crime Scene Investigation Unit

Lieutenant Robert Hemphill

Section Supervisor

Sergeant Gregory Malesich
Unit Supervisor

Mission of the Crime Scene Investigation Unit

The Crime Scene Investigation Unit provides various crime scene processing services to federal, state and county law enforcement agencies, as well as all twenty (20) municipal police departments within the County of Gloucester. The primary responsibility of the CSI unit is the documentation, collection and preservation of evidence. CSI detectives accomplish this goal through many different ways including photography, videography, developing and collecting latent fingerprints, collecting DNA, and other forms of evidentiary materials at crime scenes. After evidence is collected, the CSI Unit may process the evidence in house or forward evidence to various laboratories for further testing.

The Crime Scene Investigation Unit is currently staffed with four detectives who are available 24 hours per day to assist the detectives of the Prosecutor’s Office and other Gloucester County law enforcement agencies with their investigations. CSI detectives respond to a variety of calls including homicides, suicides, suspicious deaths, search warrant executions, and narcotics investigations. Crime Scene detectives are also frequently called upon to assist outside police agencies with their advanced technical expertise.

Additional duties performed by the CSI unit include:

  • Fingerprint classification and comparison
  • Community and Police Explorer Demonstrations
  • Courtroom testimony
  • Blood Spatter Interpretation
  • Shooting Reconstruction
  • Preparing charts and other courtroom presentations
  • Photographic Processing
  • Police Academy Instructors