Vendor Checks

Vendor checks are done through a combined effort of the Purchasing Department and Treasurer's Office.

It starts in the Purchasing Department when the using department submits a purchase requisition. From there a Purchase Order is made. A voucher is sent to the vendor for signature and returned by the vendor to the Using Department.

A copy of the purchase order is also sent to the using department. When the services/materials are received by the department the using department will send a receiving report to Purchasing.  When accounts payable is in receipt of a signed voucher from the vendor, an invoice and a department receiver, payment will be entered for a check to be issued.

The Treasurer's office will print the checks once a month and mail them to the vendor. Payment is made after the Bill List is approved by the Freeholders at the second Regular Freeholder Meeting of the month.

There is a cut off date of the first of the month for all steps to be received. If not received at that time then payment will be made the next month.

For more information you may contact the Purchasing Department at 853-3420 or the Treasurer's Office at 853-3353.