Demographics & Land Usage Planning

The Demographics and Land Use Planning Section has a broad range of multiple project responsibilities. Primary functions focus upon the provision of countywide land use planning information through ArcView analysis, planning research, publications and Web-enabled data management services. Data management services include facilitating departmental, regional and local planning data needs, coordinating quality control of demographics, estimates and forecasts, conducting thematic map revisions and managing the in-house development and maintenance of our online Web Data Book.  Partnering with other public sector data products and services providers, such as the US Census Bureau, the  New Jersey State Data Center (NJSDC) and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) assures our clients timely access to reliable and relevant planning data. Staff provides value-added assistance in navigating and extracting data sets from such online sources as Census Data, Economic Census and Local Employment Dynamics. As County liaison to the New Jersey Office of Smart Growth, the Division monitors state planning activities, advise our municipalities and provide assistance in coordinating the State Development and Redevelopment Plan's cross-acceptance process and planning areas designation.  We also participate in brownfields redevelopment programs, assist smart growth planning efforts and support economic development initiatives. Staff representation with the New Jersey County Planners Association, the NJSDC Advisory Council, the DVRPC Information Resources Exchange Group and the DVRPC Regional Planning Committee provide a nexus for bonding public awareness with long-range planning goals and objectives.