Legal Services
$0Fraud $0$0New Jersey matches information from public assistance applications with other electronic databases to ensure that information provided is accurate. Penalties for knowingly providing false or inaccurate information include ineligibility for future benefits, payment of restitution and/or criminal charges. To report suspected fraud, call GCDSS investigations at 856-256-2852. $0$0GCDSS is required to seek reimbursement on most overpayments of public benefits, regardless of fault. Failure to repay could result in a civil judgment or seizure of tax refunds, homestead rebates or lottery winnings. Overpayments could also result in ineligibility for future benefits or referral to the county prosecutor. $0$0Fair Hearings $0$0Applicants or recipient of public benefits, who disagree with the decision on their case, may request a Fair Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge from the NJ Office of Administrative Law. An attorney may represent a party or a party may present the case him/herself. Additionally, in some cases a non-lawyer may assist a party at the hearing.  If a household requests a fair hearing within required time limits, benefits may be continued. However, if the CWA action is upheld by the hearing decision, a claim against the household shall be established for all over-issuances. $0$0The ALJ will allow each party to present witnesses and other evidence. The ALJ will also permit each party to question the other party's witnesses. The ALJ prepares an initial decision for comments and then a final decision. Any party may appeal a final decision to the Appellate Division of the Superior Court. $0$0Further information may be found at the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law web site or call the New Jersey State Hotline at:  1-800-792-9773. $0$0Requests for Fair Hearings that relate to GCDSS may be directed to the Fair Hearing Liaison at: 856-256-2225. $0$0$0$0Legal Advice$0$0GCDSS does NOT provide legal advice. Assistance is available through private attorneys. If you are unable to afford an attorney, help with legal matters may be obtained through Southern New Jersey Legal Services at 1-800-496-4570. $0$0SSI Project$0$0Legal Services of New Jersey's SSI Project is funded primarily with TANF dollars through the Department of Human Services, Division of Family Development.  The SSI Project provides Work First New Jersey (WFNJ) and General Assistance (GA) recipients with legal representation and assistance in the application and appeals process for both SSI and SSDI.  $0$0County and municipal agencies refer recipients to the Project who have been determined to have physical or mental disabilities and have been exempted from work requirements.  Legal Services also maintains a toll-free hotline for individuals who have not been referred to the Project, although these individuals must be receiving some type of public assistance in order to be represented.  $0$0Legal Services has offices in every county and the SSI Project has helped many WFNJ and GA recipients move to the SSI system.  $0$0For more information, contact Legal Services New Jersey at: (888)576-5529. $0