The following forms are used by the Surrogate Court when preparing and administering an estate. 

New Estate Information Form

To be filled out by person seeking to be appointed to be representative in all Estate matters. Form may be emailed, US mail, or faxed to our office in advance of appearance along with a copy of the death certificate and Will. Click Here
Renunciation of Executor
The act of giving up the right to be the Executor. Click Here
Renunciation for Administration
The act of giving up the right to serve as Administrator of an estate and appointing someone else. Click Here
Consent of Next of Kin
The act of giving up right to apply for Affidavit of Next of Kin. Click Here
Refunding Bond and Release
This form will release the Executor or Administrator from all claims and demands whatsoever on respect to the estate of deceased. Click Here
A document that will prevent certain actions from taking place. Click Here
Caveat Withdrawal     Reverses the action of the Caveat. Click Here
Order to Show Cause Probate Part
Model Order to Show Cause for use in Superior Court Chancery Division Probate Part matters.

Click Here

Surrogate's Judiciary Records
Request Form
 Form can be filled out and sent via email, fax, and U.S. mail. Appropriate fees will be applicable. Click Here
Notice of Probate/Proof of mailing  Used to show proof of mailing - Notice of Probate form Click Here