Guardianship of Adult
Guardianship of an Alleged Incapacitated Person
Court appointed legal guardians make decisions for incapacitated people regarding their personal and medical care.The Guardian controls assets, manages budgets, pays debts, and make all financial and investment decisions for the Incapacitated Adult. Below you will find information regarding this Superior Court proceeding.

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Guardianship Checklist:
  • Case information statement
  • Verified Complaint for Guardianship of Person or Estate
  • Order for Hearing - Guardian of Adult
  • Consent of Parties / Next of Kin
  • Certification of Assets
  • Guardianship Training Certification (view video )
  • 2 Physician Certificates (Exams must be within the last 30 days) 
  • Certification of Non - Appearance
  • Proof of service on Alleged Incapacitated Person, Next of Kin, Interested Parties, Court Appointed Counsel
  • Service of pleadings/hearing required on all parties including the Alleged incapacitated Person (green cards to be returned to court for proof of service)
  • Proposed Judgment
  • Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 22A:2-29 filing fee of $200.00 

New Jersey Guardianship Monitoring Program

The Guardian Monitoring Program (GMP) is a statewide court program designed to monitor and support guardians in their handling of the affairs of incapacitated individuals.
To fulfill your duties as guardian you must comply with the court ordered reporting required by the Judgment. 
A surety bond unto the Superior Court of New Jersey in an amount to be determined by the Superior Court Judge must be obtained.
Important Information and Links: 

New Jersey Guardianship Monitoring Program

Guardianship Monitoring Program Video

New Jersey Guardianship Pro Se Packet

Guardianship Reporting Form Links: 

Additional Resources

                                Transcript Requests : (856) 878-5050 Ext. 15179

Gloucester County Bar Association : (856)-848-4071           Lawyer Referral : (856)-848-4589 

Filing Fees

Complaint and Order to Show Cause $175.00  

Answer $110.00 
Notice of Motion $15.00

Guardianship for Alleged Incapacitated Person $200.00
Guardianship reports filing fee $5.00 per page