Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program

If you are interested in participating in the County's Owner-occupied Home Rehabilitation Program, please complete the Contractor application below and submit all requested documents (including copy of licenses, insurance, and business registration) tot he address below.  All contractors are subject to the policies and procedures manual.  Contractors are selected by the homeowner and payment by County is based on reasonable cost threshold set by competitive proposals received (at least three (3)). 

Gloucester County Home Improvement Contractor Application (2019)
The County has helped low and moderate income homeowners renovate their homes through emergency repair loans and deferred payment loan programs. The purpose of the Housing Rehabilitation Program is to bring owner-occupied dwellings up to local and state building codes and to provide more livable and suitable environment for the homeowners, increase property values, and serve as a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization.

*** Due to funding constraints, we can no longer accept applications for replacement of septic systems. ***

The moderate rehabilitation program provides zero percent (0%) deferred payment loans from $1,000 to $24,999. Loan amounts are subject to program funding constraints. Once work has been completed and contractors paid, a mortgage will be placed on the rehabilitated property.  The present restriction on affordability is as follows:

5 year affordability period requiring full payment of the County funds should the household sell, transfer, refinance, obtain a reverse mortgage or utilize any vehicle to obtain cash against the equity of the property within the first 5 years. There is an extended period of affordability where 1/5 of the affordability subsidy will be forgiven for the next 4 year period. The County will require 1/5 repayment should the owner transfer, sell, refinance obtain a reverse mortgage or utilize any vehicle to obtain cash against the equity of the property.

Subsidized Grant Programs
Mobile homes - 
The County has established a subsidy limit at a maximum of $5,000 for MOBILE HOMES specially for heater replacement where there is no heat* and/or no running water.  General construction repairs or weatherization are not eligible for this subsidized grant.

ADA Ramp Program - The County has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to install ADA compliant wheelchair ramps to homes.  Owner occupied homes will receive a subsidy limit of $3,000.  All other eligibility requirements remain.

Eligibility for all programs is strictly based on income, family size and type of improvement. Being handicapped, elderly or disabled does not automatically qualify you for the program. Eligible improvements include but are not limited to plumbing, heating, electrical, roofs, walls, ceilings, steps, railings, wells, weatherproofing, lead removal, handicap accessibility. This program is not intended for cosmetic repair i.e. painting, decks, siding.   

For more information:

Christina Velázquez, Supervising Program Development Specialist
Gloucester County Planning Department
Office of Housing and Community Development
1200 N. Delsea Drive, Building E
Clayton, NJ 08312
(856) 307-6650
(856) 307-6656 FAX