Tree Donations


Commemorate by Donating a Tree, Shrub, or Bench.

Do it now, have a tree, shrub, bench or picnic table placed at your favorite park. Make your donation as a memorial or in honor of your group or organization. It's easy to make a lasting tribute.

Pick A Park

Pick An Item

  • Bench
  • Tree
  • Shrub
  • Picnic Table

Call 856-251-6710 today to receive your donation form.

Pick A Dollar Amount

  • $75 TO $100 Shrub
  • $100 TO $200 Small Tree
  • $200 & Up Mature Tree
  • $600 (approximate) Bench
  • $900 (approximate) Deluxe Bench
  • $1400 (approximate) Picnic Table

Benches and picnic tables have plaques installed on them. All other items are recognized on an engraved plaque located in the Park's office