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Monument dedicated to original Firehouse in Glassboro

Monument dedicated to original Firehouse in Glassboro 

(Glassboro, NJ) -  Glassboro officials, the Glassboro Historical Society and Glassboro Fire Department dedicated a monument recognizing the location of the original firehouse in downtown Glassboro on May 4, 2018. This dedication took place on International Firefighters' Day and celebrates not only the town’s past, but its future as well.

Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger said, "It’s important for the public to remember and honor our county’s history. Our fire department has always worked to keep us safe and protected, and after the original fire house was torn down to make way for the town square, it’s our job to continue honoring our original fire department with this monument."

The monument was built using the bricks and cornerstone from the original building built by Frank C. Ware in 1910. The building was home to the first organized fire department from 1911 until 1981, when it was repurposed by Glassboro Emergency Medical Services. Along with the monument, a bronze plaque with the history and a photo of the building was fixed on top.

Anthony Brida, Jr. crafted the brick foundation of the monument and Brida Stone, Inc. donated the limestone top that will hold the bronze plaque. Funding for the monument and plaque was provided by the Glassboro Historical Society and the Glassboro Fire Department Company No.1.

Pictured:  Freeholder Heather Simmons, Glassboro Councilmen George Cossabone and John Wallace, and members of the Glassboro Fire Department and Glassboro Emergency Medical Services