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Office of Emergency Response receives $10,499 donation to fund wireless emergency hotspot

Office of Emergency Response receives $10,499 donation to fund wireless emergency hotspot 

(Clayton, NJ) – Today the Gloucester County Office of Emergency Response received a donation of $10,499 from Colonial Pipeline's "Public Donation Program" to fund its plan for a new wireless 'hotspot' that would make it possible to deploy personnel and assets throughout the county and be assured that they would be able to access a variety of wireless networks.

Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger said, "By partnering with Colonial Pipeline and receiving this generous donation, our Office of Emergency Response now has the ability and resources to create and implement an industrial grade Wi-Fi network and power station that will be used within the county’s Emergency Operations Center or within mobile command posts during an emergency."

“We are grateful for the relationship we share with so many of the industries in our county, and we appreciate this generous donation on behalf of our first responders and our taxpayers,” Damminger said.

Freeholder Deputy Director Giuseppe (Joe) Chila, Liaison to the Department of Public Safety said, “This donation from Colonial Pipeline was the result of a strong working relationship with this industry and this business. The opportunity to use this donation to enhance our ability to communicate during an emergency will be a huge asset to both the county, our municipalities and our partners in private industry.”

Steve Baker, Colonial Pipeline’s Director of Communications said, ““Colonial Pipeline is happy to support the County of Gloucester and its first responders, who share Colonial’s commitment to put the safety of people and protection of the environment at the very top of our list of priorities.” 

This new portable equipment will serve in assisting Emergency Response with reliable communications for county personnel, the responders from the private sector of Colonial Pipeline, and municipal and other response personnel. This same apparatus would also provide wireless connectivity in the County’s Emergency Operations Center.

From left to right:  Christopher Johnson, Colonial Pipeline Co Planner, Wendy Sullivan, Colonial Pipeline Co Community Relations Manager, Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger, Dennis McNulty, Chuck Murtaugh, Jack DeAngelo and Joe Ward, Gloucester County Office Emergency Management, and John Gentzler, Colonial Pipeline Co. Operations Manager