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Maryville Treatment Addiction Center recognized on 70th Anniversary

(Haddonfield, NJ) - Freeholder Jim Jefferson presented the Maryville Treatment Addiction Center with a proclamation during their 2019 Recovery for Life Gala at the Tavistock Country Club, thanking them for their 70 years of providing healthy, safe, and drug-free environments that focus on changing addictive behaviors.

Freeholder  Director Robert M. Damminger said, "The Maryville Treatment Addiction Center  has been dedicated to helping South Jersey residents and their families live  drug and alcohol free since 1949. We offer our sincerest thanks for all of the  work they do to keep our residents safe and sober, while providing them with  the help they need."

Freeholder  Jefferson, who serves as Liaison to the Department of Health and Human Services,  said, “Maryville has ensured the comprehensive, quality care of every patient  that has come through their doors over the past seventy years, partnering with  community providers, treatment providers, halfway houses, sober living  facilities, and more in order to make sure their patients get all the individual   levels of care that they require.” 

The  Maryville Treatment Addiction Center is located at 1903 Grant Avenue in Williamstown. 

If  you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, contact the   Maryville  Treatment Addiction Center at (855) 823-3428 or visit

Pictured: Guest Speaker Darryl Strawberry, Board  President Steve Yates, Freeholder Jim Jefferson, CEO Kendria McWilliams