Animal Control Services

The Animal Control Division provides many animal-related services to the residents of Gloucester County.

When calling 856-881-2828 after-hours, you will be instructed to make a selection:
(1) for a non-emergency situation or (2) for an emergency.
If you select (2) for an emergency you will be transferred to a 911 Dispatcher, who will assess your emergency.

We ask that residents report only emergencies on the system and use the non-emergency line for any other information. 

Emergency Services
ACOs will respond to any report of a injured or sick stray animal 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any sick or injured animal picked up by the Animal Control will be seen by a veterinarian and stabilized while an owner is located. We will also respond to any animal that is threatening the public, such as a wild animal in a living portion of a resident's home or an animal that prevents access to a home or business. 

Stray Animals
ACOs will pick-up any stray animal within any township of the County between the hours of 8am to 6pm, seven days a week. ACOs will also respond during those hours to complaints of animals running at large, confined animals and any animal creating a nuisance for a homeowner. 

ACOs will respond to complaints
of wildlife that are injured, sick, orphaned or creating a nuisance within a home, excluding attics and basements. Residents with healthy problem wildlife outside of a home will be educated for exclusion procedures or given contact numbers for the New Jersey State Fish and Game. 

Animal Cruelty
For reports of animal cruelty, ACOs will begin an initial investigation where permitted by ordinance. If further action is needed, we will contact the appropriate agency for enforcement. For cases needing immediate attention, it is recommended that residents contact your local police department. For further information, please contact the Animal Control Office or click
HERE for more information on animal cruelty.

Animal traps will be provided to residents at no charge for capture of stray domestic animals or sick wildlife. Traps will NOT be given for healthy, wildlife outside of a home for relocation. Please be aware that because of a limited number of traps it may take some time before one can be provided to you. 

Animal Bites
ACOs will investigate any report of an animal bite and report it to the Gloucester County Health Department. In some cases the animal may be quarantined at the Animal Shelter at the cost of the owner. ACOs will also investigate and enforce the State law regarding Vicious and Potentially Dangerous animals.

Bats / West Nile Virus
Officers are available to respond to any bat found in the living portion of a home (bedroom, kitchen, etc.-not attics or basements) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The bat will be removed and submitted to the State Health Department in Trenton for testing of Rabies. If you find a bat inside your home, do not attempt to remove it yourself.
For Bat problems contact Animal Control at 856-881-2828

Sick or dead crows found by residents can be picked by officers and transported to the New Jersey Health Department for testing of West Nile Virus. Any request for removal of a crow for testing must be through the Gloucester County Health Department.

For West Nile Virus contact Gloucester County Health Department at 856-218-4170

Deceased Animals
Unfortunately GCAS is not able to remove dead animals from roadways or private homes and properties. Please contact the Road Department for your township or your veterinarian for pet removal. Regarding dead deer- GCAS does not remove dead deer from state highways or private property. However, you can contact Animal Control about dead deer on County or local roads and we will report the animal to the proper department. Please have as an exact location as possible.