Trade Names

Directions For Filling Out Trade Name Forms

  1. Fill out all four trade name forms (all four are identical.) All four (4) must be filled out with original signatures.  Print clearly and legibly. Trade Name Form
  2. Applicants applying for a Trade Name to sell Insurance in the State of New Jersey must submit copy of a Certificate of Insurance or Bond from the state.
  3. Companies or small businesses cannot be incorporated. Hence, the words "Inc" or "Corp." cannot appear anywhere on the form. If you want to incorporate your business, you file with the State of New Jersey. Likewise, all Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies must file with the state. Therefore, you can not put LLC or LP next to your company name unless you file with the state.
  4. All four forms must be notarized by a Public Notary. If you are not a resident of the State of New Jersey, the forms are notarized on both the front and the back of all four certificates. .
  5. You are the deponent. You must sign all four (4) forms in front of the notary. The notary notarizes on the opposite side.
  6. Once all forms are completed, you must bring them to the County Clerk's Office with a fee of $50.00 cash or money order. We do not accept checks for trade names. 
  7. You must search the trade name database to ensure that no one else is using the name you wish to use.  The database can be searched onsite in the Record Room at the Old Courthouse, onsite at the County Store, or online at the Clerk’s website.  (See Trade Name Search link below).  
  8. The telephone number for obtaining a federal tax id number is 1-800-829-4933.

Trade Name Registration

  1. Business must be either a sole proprietorship or a general partnership. Business cannot be incorporated.
  2. Check the trade name database to see if the name is registered. If it is, you must choose another name. If not, you may use the name you have chosen.
  3. You will be given four forms that are identical. All four must be filled out completely, and all four must be signed in front of a public notary. When completed, all four forms are to be returned to the County Clerk's Office with a fee of $50.00 cash or money order only. No checks will be accepted.
  4. You will be given two forms back. One will be a certified copy for the bank. The other will be a time stamped copy for your personal records. One will be kept on record in Gloucester County's record room, and one will be sent to the State of New Jersey.

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