Division of Youth Services

Youth Services Commission

The Youth Services Commission is a group of community stakeholders appointed by the Board of Chosen Freeholders that oversees the planning and development of community based programs and services for at-risk youth and youth involved in the Family Court System.  These programs and services are funded through State and County grant dollars.  As part of the Juvenile Justice reform Act of 1995, New Jersey Administrative Code mandated Youth Services Commissions throughout the state.  The Gloucester County Youth Services Commission does not directly provide services.  However the YSC contracts with agencies to provide community based services for at-risk youth, and youth and families involved with the Gloucester County Family Court System.  The YSC completes an extensive Plan and Application process every three years for the NJ Juvenile Justice Commission, and the programs and services provided are based on the needs of the youth and families in Gloucester County.

Youth Services Commission Administrator
Rudolph Aikens, MBA
Gloucester County Youth Services Administrator
Division of Human and Disability Services

Programs and Services
To view 2020 programs and services, click link below:
YSC Approved 2020 Programs and Services

Comprehensive Youth Services Plan 2020
CY 2020 Youth Services Plan

Additional County Youth Resources
CGS Family Partnership, Inc

Acenda Integrated Health

Center for Family Services

United Advocacy Group

To access NJ's Children's System of Care, please contact 1-877-652-7624 or TY+TY 1-866-896-6975