Yellow Goldfinch on a branch

                                                                   The American Goldfinch is a beautiful yellow, black and white bird that lives in our
                                                                                 area. If you have a bird feeder you might get to see them! See below for tips on
                                                                                                                         attracting this bird to your yard.  

 Did you know that the American Goldfinch is the state bird of New Jersey?  That’s right, these pretty birds have special meaning to us.  You can find goldfinches in nearly any part of New Jersey as long as there are fields nearby.  They will come into people’s yards and they are fun to watch.  Male (boy) and female (girl) goldfinches look really different from each other and you can learn how to recognize them both.  The male is the very brightly colored one (see the picture on the first page), although during the winter and spring, the yellow isn’t always quite as bright.  Female goldfinches look like the picture below:

Yellow Goldfinch in a tree

                                                                Female American Goldfinches have only a little bit of yellow on them.  Most of their color 
                                                                                          is a paler brown-grey, with some black and white only on the wings.  

Goldfinches are seed-eaters and they love the seeds of certain plants more than others.  So if you want to attract them, the best thing to do is to fill a bird feeder with one of the following two types of bird seed, 1) Nyjer (thistle), 2) black oil sunflower seeds.  They don’t really like other kinds of seeds as much – they’re picky eaters!

Yellow Goldfinch on flowers                                                                         Although we usually see goldfinches at bird feeders, they will also search in fields and yards 
                                                                          for seeds that they like. Here is a goldfinch that is eating the seeds of purple coneflowers.  
                                                                                 You can’t buy their seeds for a birdfeeder, but you CAN plant purple coneflowers 
                                                                                                                                         in your yard!

Yellow Goldfinch on a bird feeder                                                                                                          This goldfinch is eating Nyjer (thistle) seeds.

If you want to learn more about goldfinches, check out the link below:

AND if you want to MAKE a 20 cent nyjer (thistle) bird feeder in a couple of minutes, check out this video!

Bird feeder

Let’s also try to learn how to draw a Goldfinch!  Here are two tutorials.  The first one is easier.  The second one is harder.
Draw a Goldfinch
Draw a goldfinch 2Draw a goldfinch 3