Gloucester County Chaplain Program


Providing guidance, counseling and comfort in times of crisis to all families in need

throughout our Gloucester County Communities.


Faith based organizations are an integral part of our lives. The Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office recognizes the influence and impact that faith-based leaders have in people’s lives within the community. The Chaplain Program creates a partnership with the various faith- based leaders of the community. 


This program was initiated to provide an overall better quality of service to the citizens of the County of Gloucester.


Chaplains assist the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office and all local Police, Fire and EMS in any calls for service including, but not limited to death notifications, unattended deaths, serious injury, motor vehicle crashes or traumatic events. 


All Chaplains have completed a criminal background investigation and are trained.


Chaplains are on-call 24/7 – 365 days through County Communications and can be requested by contacting 856-307-7100.



For more information please contact:


Det. Aquasia Davis - Chaplain Coordinator

Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office 



Pastor Derek Gatling - Lead Chaplain 


Also please feel free to check out our Facebook!