Interns / Volunteers

Gloucester County EMSGloucester County Emergency Medical Service (GCEMS) is committed to providing efficient, professional, and courteous emergency medical service to the residents and visitors of Gloucester County. To successfully fulfill this mission, Gloucester County EMS is providing opportunities for individuals wishing to volunteer their time and talents to the community, providing emergency medical service, as interns.

About the Internship

Interns may be individuals already holding Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification, but it is not a requirement. Individuals currently enrolled in EMT school as well as those considering enrolling are welcome. EMT interns will be afforded the opportunity to participate in all EMS operations, including emergency response and patient care, as credentials permit. 

Non-patient care-related activities will be made available to any intern requesting them. They will serve the community side by side with GCEMS staff members. Scheduling of interns will allow flexibility so that the department's schedule is molded around the intern's availability. Interns may serve as their personal schedule, family responsibility and availability allow.

Interns will gain valuable insight and experience in pre-hospital care of the sick and injured. All department educational opportunities, including but not limited to, continuing education classes, re-certification activities, and instructor training will be available to GCEMS interns.

Employment / Indefinite Service

Interns may request consideration for employment opportunities when they feel they have gained the necessary experience. Interns may also elect to remain in the position indefinitely, allowing them to serve the community as their availability permits

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