If you sell a commodity or service, you may find a market in Gloucester County Government. Since the principal objective of the Purchasing Department is the acquisition of quality goods and services at the lowest cost, we are constantly seeking new sources of supply.

As the Purchasing Department is under the Direction of the Department of Administration, the Gloucester County Board of County Commissioners welcome your participation in these efforts. It is easy to do business with the County. All purchases are made through a comprehensive system of specifications and competitive bidding which assures that contracts go the lowest responsible bidder who comply with the specifications, terms and conditions and have the capacity to deliver.

This guide has been prepared to acquaint you with information you need in order to bid for Gloucester County Contracts. It does not replace or supersede the terms and conditions set forth in any specific solicitation. Vendors must follow the instructions, specifications, terms and conditions set forth in individual solicitations.

Questions & Concerns

The information set forth is intended as a general guide. There may be questions relating to your firm that are not answered. If this is true, please do not hesitate to call or write to us.