Home Electronic Detention Program


The Home Electronic Detention Program (HED) Program is designed to offer a court ordered, structured alternative to incarceration for male and female prisoners and juvenile offenders sentenced to terms of imprisonment.

It is the policy of the Gloucester County Department of Corrections to implement, maintain and ensure efficient monitoring of participants on HED, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


When a Superior Court Judge or Municipal Court Judge believes that an applicant is an eligible candidate for the HED Program, the court may make a referral recommendation to the Warden. Said judicial recommendation will be reviewed by the Warden or designee for final determination. Approved offenders will have an electronic device attached to their ankle to monitor and track their movements. The HED Unit will monitor the offender to verify his/her presence or absence at their residence or other approved location.

Offenders will be required to pay a one-time enrollment fee and a weekly maintenance fee. All offenders must contact the HED Unit two weeks prior to their scheduled incarceration date so they can be interviewed by a member of the HED Unit to determine their eligibility for the program. This program will enable the participant to maintain employment, provide for their families and continue to be productive member of society.