Washington’s Spies

During the American Revolution, General George Washington used spies to win the war against the British. American Spies were people who would find out what the British were up to and send word to General Washington. These messages could be a warning that the American army would be attacked or where the British were going.

To hide these messages, American spies would use invisible ink. Some spies would dip their quill in lemon juice and then write the message on paper. When the paper was introduced to heat the secret message would appear.

Liberty Kids Episode

Watch an episode of the Public Broadcasting Service's children’s program “Liberty’s Kids”. This episode focuses on Benedict Arnold and spies of the American Revolution. Watching the episode before the craft will provide some context for your tot in a fun and engaging way.

Activity - Create Secret Messages Using Invisible Ink

What You Need

  • Blank white paper
  • Color Marker
  • White crayon


Using the white crayon, write a secret message on the blank piece of paper. Try pushing down hard on the paper with the crayon. After the message is written, have your History Tot color over the white crayon writing with the marker to reveal the secret message.