Fugitive Investigations Unit

Mission of the Fugitive Investigations Unit

The Fugitive Investigations Unit (FIU) is primarily responsible for the execution of all warrants issued by the Superior Court of Gloucester County, with the exception of Violation of Probation warrants which are executed by the Sheriff's Office. The unit actively searches for local and out of state fugitives, coordinates large scale round-ups, and apprehends priority targeted fugitives.

The primary function of the Fugitive Investigations Unit is to locate criminal defendants who fail to appear for superior court proceedings. The unit also prepares interstate agreements on detainers and governors warrants and interstate compact agreements for juvenile defendants.

Anyone wishing to report information regarding the location of any fugitive should contact the Fugitive Investigations Unit.

Fugitives Wanted Outside by Outside States

Defendant fugitives who are wanted by outside states are processed by the unit. This involves confirming the extradition status of the demanding agency, identifying the fugitive and signing proper complaints. As a result of a mutual agreement on core function responsibilities between the County Prosecutor's Office and Sheriff's Department, the transportation of the majority of fugitives has been assigned to the Sheriff's Department.

10 Most Wanted

The criminals shown in the 10 Most Wanted page are fugitives from justice and should be considered dangerous!