Native American Day

Native Americans were in America before the Colonials. Native Americans lived in tribes and nations. They hunted animals and gathered different foods like berries. We know from archeology projects in the park that Native Americans lived on the river before the Whitalls built their house in 1748. We’ve found arrowheads, pottery, and work tools. These Native Americans were part of the Lenni Lenape Tribe.


Wigwams were a home Native Americans built and lived in with their family.

A Wigman, a Small Round Tent Made of Bark


Tipis were tents made out of animal skin and were used by Native American’s out west who followed and hunted buffalo!

Historical Photo of a Teepee
Two Buffalo Grazing

Activity - Build Your Own Tipi

  1. Cut out the shape in the picture with construction paper (two-thirds of a circle). 
  2. Have your child decorate the tipi. 
  3. Roll up the tipi and put clear tape to make the tipi like a cone!
Build Your Own Tipi 1

Singing & Dancing

Native Americans worshiped the land. They had many traditions that were passed down through storytelling. Singing and dancing were a big part of their culture! Do you like to sing and dance?

This video shows a Pow Wow in New Jersey. The Lenni Lenape in this video enjoy sharing their culture! Listen to the music and look at the dancing. Do you like it?

Try to make up your own dance like the Native Americans! Try to dance to the drums and show your family your dance!

Story Time

Here are links to Native American stories that were made into children's books:

What did you like most about learning about Native Americans? Make sure to tell your family what you learned!