Archeology Day


Watch the Solving Mysteries with Archaeologists video, then tell the person next to you what an archeologist does! Would you like to be an archeologist?

Red Bank & Archeology

In 2015 archeology took place at Red Bank! Real life archeologists came to Red Bank to excavate, like you learned from the video! Archeologists found grapeshot (mini cannon balls), musket balls, and even a common children’s toy called a whirligig like this one:


The best artifact we found was a cannon fragment! Our curator, Dr. Janofsky with the cannon fragment that was found two feet under ground! It weighs 843 pounds! Watch a video of the cannon fragment being lifted from the ground.

Woman Digging up a Fragment of a Cannon


Adults, let's help your kiddos become a real life archeologist! For this activity, you can be as messy or as tidy as you want!

Outside Activity

  1. Take a bowl, pan, sand box, or any other container and put whatever objects you would like your child to find. You can use wrapped candy, toys, bouncy balls, sticks, rocks, fun pencils, or if your child is a little older a chicken bone from dinner last night! 
  2. Cover the objects in dirt, sand, or whatever substance you have in your backyard.
  3. Give the child a small garden shovel, or have them use their hands to find the objects!
  4. Have the child lay the objects out on the concrete, or on top of a paper towel
  5. If you have an extra tooth brush or paint brush, you can have the child dust off or clean the objects for some extra fun!

Clean Indoor Activity

  1. Take a bowl or pan and place objects within the container for your child to find. Use leftover Easter basket filling, or rip up tiny pieces of paper and put them over the objects.
  2. Give the container a good shake, so everything is hidden.
  3. Have the child dig through the container and pull out these objects just like an archeologist would!

Messy Indoor Activity

  1. Since we are talking about history and science, make some Oobleck! Oobleck is a combination of cornstarch and water! When the child uses force, the substance will be hard, when you ease your hand into it, the substance will be gooey. Here is a video about a recipe to make oobleck!  
  2. After you make the oobleck, put objects into the mixture, and let the child dig out the objects and wash them off.
  3. This is nontoxic, messy fun that is very easy to clean up! Cut a trash bag, use a plastic tablecloth, or tin foil before you start your history-science experiment!

Leaf Rubs

  1. Use leaves, bark, or any textured object to make art! All you need is paper, and a crayon.
  2. Place the paper over the object, maybe one that the child dug up in their activity, and rub the crayon in the paper lightly.
  3. The texture from the object will be left on the paper.
  4. You can do this as many times as you want, with different leaves from your backyard, with as many colors as you would like! Archeologists always measure their discoveries. If you have a tape measure you can introduce the idea of measuring and documenting their finds!