Carnivorous Plants

We often think of animals eating plants, but did you know that there are some plants that actually eat animals? We call them carnivorous plants, and there are several kinds of them, including sundews, bladderworts, pitcher plants, and the famous Venus fly-trap. Each of these kinds use a different way to catch their prey (food), and mostly they will eat tiny insects, but there are some pitcher plants that will also catch frogs and mice!

Carnivorous plants usually live in wet places like peat bogs where the soil is low in nutrients like nitrogen, and they can’t get enough of what they need from their roots. So instead they get their nitrogen from the air in the form of flying insects, which have lots of nitrogen in them.


Check out this video - It shows how different carnivorous plants are able to catch their prey, including the super cool Venus fly-trap.

Activity - Paper Plate Venus Flytrap

Let’s try a craft where you can make your own paper Venus fly-traps at home!

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