You might see orchid flowers in nature shows, or sometimes as indoor plants, originally from the tropical regions of the earth, but did you know that there are species of orchids that are found naturally growing in New Jersey? Worldwide there are about 25,000 species of orchids, and about 50 of them are native to New Jersey, most of those in South Jersey!


Different species of orchids can live in moist forest, wet meadows, or the edges of bogs (where carnivorous plants live). They are very difficult to grow in your yard because most of them need very special types of underground fungi (species related to mushrooms) in order for them to grow. In fact, there are some types of orchids that no scientist has ever been able to grow in a greenhouse, even after many years of trying! So please never pick or dig up orchids.

If you see them, appreciate their beauty and let them live where they are. Only a small number of species can be easily grown in greenhouses, and they are not species that grow wild in New Jersey.


Orchids have many different types of insects that pollinate them. Some are only able to pollinate one kind of orchid and nothing else, so orchids rely on insects, and some insects rely on orchids. They are great examples of how nature is so interconnected.


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Activity - Learn to Draw an Orchid

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