Lola Carney

Lola Carney, age 40, of East Greenwich Township, has been missing since September, 1982. A wife and mother of three children, Mrs. Carney disappeared from her Whiskey Mill Road residence on or about September 12, 1982. Mrs. Carney has had no contact with her husband, George Carney, and her children or family since the time of her disappearance.

Mrs. Carney reportedly disappeared in a red 1973 Chevrolet Nova (New Jersey registration 752RZD) that was never recovered. It is believed that Mrs. Carney is the victim of foul play.


If you have any information concerning the disappearance of Lola Carney, please contact:
East Greenwich Township Police Department
Phone: 856-423-4322

Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office

Phone: 856-384-5680


Lola Carney

Lola Carney 2