Tanon Fitzpatrick & Thomas Randall

On February 15, 1998, Thomas Randall, age 17, and Tanon Fitzpatrick, age 20, were both shot to death at the intersection of Delsea Drive and Route 538 in Franklin Township. Shortly before their deaths, Randall and Fitzpatrick were involved in an altercation at the Franklinville Skating Center on Route 47, Delsea Drive, in Franklin Township. A third shooting victim, Shcray William Hill, survived.

The deadly gun shots were fired from a red, 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee bearing Pennsylvania registration RAHEEM1. The owner of the vehicle was seen by witnesses in another location at the time of the shooting. The owner, through his attorney, refused to speak or cooperate with police. The vehicle was recovered approximately two months later in Philadelphia, but no evidence was collected.


A $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction in these unsolved homicides.


If you have any information concerning the deaths of Tanon Fitzpatrick and Thomas Randall, please contact:
Franklin Township Police Department
Phone: 856-694-1415

Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office

Phone: 856-384-5680

Email: mcu@co.gloucester.nj.us 

Tanon Fitzpatrick

Tanon Fitzpatrick 2

Thomas Randall

Thomas Randall 2