What will happen on my first visit?

You will receive a physical assessment and be asked to provide a detailed history. View the assessment sheet (PDF). You will be tested for HIV which will impact your treatment plan. Translation services are available at this clinic. You will be placed on medication which will be provided without charge.

You will be given follow up appointments and will have lab work done prior to each appointment. There is no charge for the lab work.

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1. What is tuberculosis?
2. What are the symptoms of tuberculosis (TB)?
3. How is tuberculosis (TB) spread?
4. What happens if I have a positive skin test?
5. What will happen on my first visit?
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7. How Is tuberculosis (TB) disease treated?
8. What is Directly Observed Therapy (DOT)?
9. What Is Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR TB)?
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11. How can a person get tested for tuberculosis (TB)?
12. What if a person has been vaccinated with BCG?
13. What people with tuberculosis (TB) infection are at risk of developing TB disease?
14. How is tuberculosis (TB) infection treated?
15. What if a person has HIV infection?