What if I am diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB)?

Tuberculosis is a treatable disease and most people do very well when they receive proper treatment. TB is an infectious disease, so you may be isolated until you are no longer infectious-usually several weeks. Most people find out they have tuberculosis while in the hospital where they will be placed in a negative pressure room, in isolation. Sputum specimens will be collected. A nurse from the health department will visit you in the hospital, or in your home, to talk with you about Tuberculosis and your plan of care. 

You will be asked to reveal the names of persons who you may have infected so that they can be tested and treated, as needed. You will take four different antibiotics to treat your tuberculosis. A nurse will come to your home 5 days a week to watch you take your medicines ( Directly Observed Therapy) and to assess how you are tolerating your medications.

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