Whom do I notify?

All immediately reportable diseases should be reported to the Gloucester County Department of Health at 856-218-4102. To reach a public health official in the evening or weekend call the Gloucester County Communications center at 856-589-0911. If the patient does not live in Gloucester County the report should be called into their local health department or New Jersey Department of Health at 609-826-5964 during regular business hours, and 609-392-2020 on nights, weekends, and holidays. For diseases that must be reported within 24 hours of diagnosis, call the Gloucester County Department of Health or fax a report to: 856-218-4145.

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1. Whom do I notify?
2. What should I tell my patients who have reportable diseases?
3. What is a reportable communicable disease?
4. How and why were these diseases selected?
5. Why is it important for health care providers to report diseases in a timely manner?
6. What information must be in the report?
7. Does HIPAA allow disease reporting?
8. What do health departments do with this information?
9. Why do I have to report when the laboratory has already reported the case?
10. What is expected from a health care provider during a disease investigation?