How and why were these diseases selected?
  • These diseases were selected because swift actions must be taken to stop further spread of the diseases or information is needed to evaluate whether existing control measures are working.
  • Certain diseases must be reported immediately by phone, even if the diagnosis is based only on clinical suspicion. There is no time to wait for laboratory confirmation. Preventing the spread of these diseases is important, and the good judgment of the health care provider is enough to initiate a public health response.
  • Other diseases must be reported within 24 hours of diagnosis. Supporting laboratory work is desirable, but for some diseases, a report based solely upon clinical judgment is acceptable.
  • All outbreaks (suspect or confirmed) must be reported immediately by phone at 856-218-4102 during normal business hours. After hours call 856-589-0911.

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1. Whom do I notify?
2. What should I tell my patients who have reportable diseases?
3. What is a reportable communicable disease?
4. How and why were these diseases selected?
5. Why is it important for health care providers to report diseases in a timely manner?
6. What information must be in the report?
7. Does HIPAA allow disease reporting?
8. What do health departments do with this information?
9. Why do I have to report when the laboratory has already reported the case?
10. What is expected from a health care provider during a disease investigation?