Will they keep me on the phone and ask other questions?

Yes! The 911 Telecommunicator will take the information from you as to what the problem is, where the problem is and they will also advise you as to what action, if any, you can take until Fire, Medical or Police assistance arrives. During this time period, another dispatcher in the dispatch room will be relaying this information to the responding units. The dispatcher will either keep you on the phone to stay updated or they will advise you to hang up and meet the responding units.

If your call is a Police emergency, it will be transferred to the Police dispatcher for your municipality or area. During the call or transfer, you may hear a partial dial tone and ringing. Don’t Be Alarmed! The Telecommunicator will stay on the line until your call is answered or concluded. You are never out of touch with the Telecommunicator.


  • Suspect or vehicle information for crimes in progress
  • Age of patient and if they’re conscious and breathing
  • What is on fire and are there any other dangers?

Always stay on the line and wait for instructions.

Never think that the exchange of information is delaying the actual dispatch of emergency services. Gloucester County’s 911 Communications utilizes a state-of-the-art network of computers, telephones and radios to communicate dispatch information to the responding units.

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5. Will they keep me on the phone and ask other questions?