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Gloucester County Summer Kick-Off Vendor Registration-DO NOT USE

  1. Gloucester County Summer Kick-Off
    The Gloucester County Board of Commissioners and the Department of Parks and Recreation is accepting interest forms from potential vendors for the Gloucester County Summer Kick-Off on Saturday, June 11, 2022 at James G. Atkinson Park 138 Bethel Mill Rd., Sewell from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Rain Date: Sunday, June 12).

    Vendors should note:

    Vendors must supply their own table, tent and any other equipment needed for their booth. The space will fit a standard 10x10 tent.

    Vendors will have a scheduled time to arrive for set up. Vendors will be required to set up prior to 11 a.m. and cannot breakdown until the event conclusion at 5 p.m. After setting up their booth, vendors will be instructed to parking off site.

    Booth locations will be assigned at the sole discretion of the Gloucester County Summer Kick-Off staff.

    Gloucester County will NOT provide electricity.

    The cost for each 10x10 booth for in-county vendors is $35. Out of county vendors is $70. Non-profit fees are waived.

    All booths are subject to the approval of Gloucester County and the Department of Parks and Recreation. After approval, Parks and Recreation staff will provide vendors with additional details and payment information. Vendors will have three (3) days to secure their spot.

    If you have any questions please reach out to Gloucester County Parks and Recreation at (856) 251-6710 or email

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    Each booth is a 10 x 10 stall.

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  6. If you have any questions, please reach out to Parks and Recreation directly at (856) 251-6710 or by email at

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