Special Investigations Unit


The Special Investigations Unit is the investigative division of the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office. 

The Special Investigations Unit provides services to federal, state, county, and local law enforcement agencies. The unit is available to assist in investigations involving Gloucester County Superior Court, Gloucester County Special Services School District, Gloucester County Institute of Technology, Rowan College of South Jersey at Gloucester County, Gloucester County Facilities, and Gloucester County Sheriff's Office Patrol Units.

New Jersey Judiciary Security Management Response Team 

The Special Investigations Unit helps create a safe and secure courthouse environment by thoroughly investigating judicial incidents while also ensuring that credible threats and high-risk situations are managed in a comprehensive and professional manner.  The New Jersey Judiciary Security Management Response Team (NJ SMART) is a state-wide law enforcement initiative designed to enhance the security of the entire state judiciary through the collaborative partnership of committed stakeholders and our judiciary partners. These agencies are committed to detecting and deterring potential threats to state judiciary members through collecting, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence; conducting risk-based threat assessments and protective investigations; and implementing appropriate protective measures. 


Keeping up with the growing sophistication of crimes and threats, Detectives with the Special Investigations Unit are cross-trained in many types of investigations. 


Report Suspicious Activity

Report suspicious activity observed in or around Gloucester County facilities, schools, or courthouses. 

Report Suspicious Activity

If this is an emergency, or the activity is presently occurring, please call 9-1-1.