Communications Center

Gloucester County Emergency ResponseThe Gloucester County Office of Emergency Response went on the air on December 29, 1980, as New Jersey's second centralized county communications center.


Originally named the Gloucester County Communications Center, we began operations, dispatching 12 Fire Departments and 8 ambulance squads. Today we dispatch all Fire departments, Ambulance Squads, and Paramedic units that serve the county.

Our Police Communications Center began operations on January 5, 2000, dispatching for 8 municipalities, and the Gloucester County Sheriffs Department. Today we dispatch for all municipal departments as well as the Prosecutor's Office, SWAT, and Emergency Response Team (ERT) Teams.

Points of Interest

  • June 5, 1985 - Gloucester County became the first 911 center in the state to have automatic number identification (ANI).
  • October 31, 1991 - Gloucester County became the first enhanced 911 (E911) center in the state with ANI.
  • Today the department answers about 500 911 emergency calls and over 900 non-emergency and police-related calls daily.

Who We Assist

The Communications Center assists with communication needs for:

  • The Health Department
  • The Highway and Engineering Department
  • The Medical Examiner
  • The Office of Emergency Management
  • Parks and Recreation
  • The Prosecutor's Office
  • The Sheriff's Department
  • Other County departments

The Center also assists State and Federal agencies that provide emergency services to our county.

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