911 What Ifs

Gloucester County Emergency ResponseHelp Us Find You!

911 is a fast, reliable, and convenient way to contact Police, Fire, or Emergency Medical Services. The 911 system is designed to display your house number and street address to the dispatcher who answers your call. Make sure that your telephone company has listed in their records the name of the town you actually live in, not your post office. So, after you call 911, how does the emergency service find you?

  • Is your house number posted on your house?
  • Can your house number be seen from the road?
  • Are there any numbers covered by shrubs or trees?
  • Do they stand out from the background?
  • If you live or work in a complex with multiple buildings, is each building clearly marked? Apartment number? Trailer? Lot number?
  • If your address is on your mailbox, can it be seen? Day or night? Is the mailbox in front of the correct house or apartment?
  • Are the streets signs correct for your address?
  • Remember, an emergency vehicle may need to get to your house in a hurry?
  • Can you afford the extra time it might take to locate your house in an emergency?

Post your house number! Help us help you!