Treasurer's Office

The Treasurers Office is the finance center for all County departments and operations. In addition to being the custodian of County and Library Commission funds, we are responsible for all County funds, including:

  • Collection
  • Deposit
  • Disbursement
  • Investment
  • Receipt

We also assume payroll, time and attendance and college chargeback responsibilities for the County.


The Treasurers Office provides the necessary accounting controls to insure the preparation and maintenance of accounting records as prescribed by New Jersey statutes and provides financial guidance in the preparation and implementation of the Annual Operating and Capital Budgets, long term budget planning as well as treasury, debt and grants management. We serve as the "watch dog" of the budget throughout the year to prevent over-expenditures and also offer help to all County departments and sister agencies in areas related to financial planning and internal controls.

Annual Financial Statements

Finally, the Treasurers Office is responsible for preparation of the Annual Financial Statements that are submitted for audit.