Hazardous Waste in the Home

Many homeowners are often faced with the discovery of old but hazardous substances in their house or the house of a family member. Since they can not just throw it away, many homeowners continue to maintain hazardous materials in their home and put their families at risk of accidental exposure.

If You Find Old Hazardous Material in Your Home

  • If it is leaking, call 911 immediately.
  • If acids or chemicals have crystallized or changed color, do not touch them, call 911. These chemicals may be unstable or subject to a violent reaction.
  • If it is not leaking, call the Gloucester County Household Waste Center Office at 856-478-6045.

To Avoid a Potential Chemical Hazard in Your Home

  • Buy pesticides, construction materials (glue, paints) and cleaning materials in proper sizes to complete the job you are trying to do.
  • Do not buy commercial size containers if you are doing a small job at home.
  • Do not take chemicals home from work.
  • Never keep chemicals in food containers (old jars, milk cartons, etc). Keep them in the original container. If you do not know what it is, do not use it!
  • If you have chemicals leftover from a project, ask your neighbors if they can use them.
  • If you have construction materials left over, contact a contractor who may be able to use them.