Office of Minority Recruitment

The Gloucester County Educational Diversity Division (GCEDD) is a partnership between the Board of County Commissioners and the Gloucester County Roundtable of Superintendents to address a reflection of diversity of minority teachers and administrators within the Gloucester County Public School Systems.


The GCEDD seeks candidates to fill immediate and future (Kindergarten through the 12th grade) teaching and administrative positions. In order to be considered, candidates must have a passing New Jersey Praxis II score in the subject area desired and/or teaching certificate. Candidates with advanced degrees are encouraged to apply through this office to fill faculty and professional positions.

Please forward your complete resume package to Gloucester County Division of Educational Diversity (GCDED) to be placed on our active candidate list. A complete package includes:

  • Copy of Certification(s)
  • Cover Letter
  • References
  • Resume

The resumes of qualified candidates will be duplicated and forwarded to the district(s) with an opening. Resumes will be held for one year and renewed upon candidate’s request to be reactivated. If you are hired by a member district, please notify the GCDED.


Gloucester County Public Schools seek:

  • Certificate of Eligibility
  • Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing
  • Standard New Jersey Certification

Alternate Route candidates are encouraged to visit New Jersey School Jobs website for more information about routes to certification.

Gloucester County Residents

Visit the Substitute Credentials Procedures pages for details on becoming certified or for obtaining a substitute teacher license.

Out-of-State Candidates

If you are tested in another state you must request to have your score sent to New Jersey by coding R7666 on your registration form. You must also include your Social Security number when completing your registration form an answer sheet. Only official score reports from the Educational Testing Service are accepted for licensure. Coding the Department of Education (R7666) and your Social Security number precludes delay in certificate issuance.

For more information regarding licensing and/or certification/application status you can visit the State of New Jersey Department of Education's website.