Please visit our Resource Directory to see the available drop-box locations for Vote by Mail Ballots. 

Please take note of the election services listed and the appropriate office you should seek regarding each.

Board of Elections

  • Certifying challengers and board workers
  • Conducting election recounts
  • Polling place inspections
  • Receiving and counting vote by mail ballots and provisional ballots.
  • Redistricting

County Clerk Elections Division

  • Ballot drawings
  • Certifies school, primary, general and special election results
  • Petitions and filings
  • Provides/processes Vote-by-Mail Applications
  • Sends Vote by Mail Ballot

Superintendent of Elections

  • Commissioner of Registration
  • Custodian of Voting Machines
  • Party Declaration
    • Change of Affiliation
  • Voter Registration
    • Address Change
    • Name Change

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