Voting Machines

Casting a Vote on an Electronic Voting Machine (ExpressVote XL)

  • To begin voting, insert the blank card given to you by the poll worker into the card slot with the cut corner of the card in the upper right.
    • ESS activation card
  • Select your preferred language by touching that box, then touch “Start Voting”
  • On the ballot display, touch candidate names to select. The candidate box selected will be highlighted green to indicate your selection. Touching the choice again deselects it.
  • To make a write-in choice, touch the Write-In area on the ballot corresponding to that contest. An onscreen keyboard is displayed. Touch the appropriate keys for your choice, then touch “Accept”. The write-in choice will be displayed in the selected box on the ballot.
  • When you have completed voting, touch the green “Print” button on the lower right side of the screen. A confirmation message will first be displayed to “Return to Ballot” or “Print Ballot”.
    • To proceed with printing the ballot, touch “Print Ballot”. This will print the candidates selected on the card and display it in the printer window for your review.
    • To return to the ballot to make any changes, touch “Return to Ballot”.
  • Review the card to ensure it represents your selections accurately, then touch “Cast”.   If you voted incorrectly and need to make changes after printing the ballot card, touch the green “Quit” button to begin cancellation of the voting session. A poll worker must be notified to assist and you will need to return to the poll workers and start the process over.